art surfaces


PanPastel Colors are very versatile and will work well on most surfaces (non-glossy) - from smooth (low tooth) papers to toothy (textured) surfaces and everything in-between. From pastel papers, to drawing papers, to handmade papers and beyond.

Note: Each surface will give a different final result. On smoother surfaces the color lays down in more transparent layers. On higher tooth (textured) surfaces the color is more intense as the tooth “grabs” more color from the sponge.

We recommend experimenting until you achieve the desired results.

Delicate Papers

Because PanPastel is a dry color medium it can also be used on very thin & delicate papers, like tissue paper, which would normally bleed and buckle with wet paint.

Front Wet Color
Front Side: PanPastel vs Wet Medium (Acrylic)
Reverse Side: PanPastel vs Wet Medium (Acrylic)