Colors, Sets & Tools

PanPastel Flower Painting

"PanPastel Colors have become a very valuable addition to my tool kit as an artist. The marks that I get with PanPastel Colors I can’t get in any other way. There is a looseness and freedom to using them that has enabled me to really take my work forward, for which I am very grateful."
- Nel Whatmore

Single Colors

Individual Colors

Available in 92 highly pigmented colors plus 5 mediums.

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Sets & kits

Sets & Kits

Wide selection of sets & kits in various color palettes. Including our Artist’s Signature sets. All sets include free Sofft Tools.

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Sofft Tools

Sofft® Tools

The optimum tools for applying PanPastel. Various applicators and tools for painting, drawing and mixed media.

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Use PanPastel Mediums to extend techniques and finished effects.

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Palettes and Accessories

Palettes & Accessories

Palette trays are the most convenient way to store and transport PanPastel Colors.

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Explore basic techniques for using PanPastel Colors for painting, drawing and mixed media projects.

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