Drawing Techniques

PanPastel is popular for many drawing & sketching techniques.

drawing subtraction


Tone paper using PanPastel and one of the larger Sofft® Sponges (Angle Slice or Big Oval). Then use an eraser for subtractive drawing techniques.

line - weight

Line Weights

Change line weight by varying pressure on Sofft Tools. Also manipulate sponges and use edges for different size marks.


PanPastel is a great way to block-in for underpaintings, for drawings and quick sketches for color studies.

Drawing Process

David Kassan “Aubrey”
PanPastel Black & Sofft Knife No.4 with General Pencil White Charcoal Pencil
"Drawing Closer to Life" Video Series

oil painting

Alla Prima

“I also use different PanPastel Colors for my initial block-ins for my Premier Coup (Alla Prima) oil painting studies, because they offer the artist a multiple of color dry set-ups in which you can really build up beautifully rich texture and pure color oil paint strokes. No more melting into an underpainting’s wash.“ -  DAVID KASSAN

Image Transfer

Easily transfer a drawing or image using PanPastel. A quick and easy alternative to using transfer paper.

transfer step 1

Step 1: On reverse side of image - cover with a PanPastel earth color. Shown Red Iron Oxide Shade (380.3)

transfer step 2

Step 2: Print image onto lightweight paper. (E.g. photocopy paper).

transfer step 3

Step 3: Place image, right side up, on top of desired transfer surface. Using a blunt tipped instrument, trace carefully along outline of printed image.

transfer step 4

Step 4: Lift paper. Image is now transferred to the desired surface.