The Perfect Color

Each PanPastel Color is loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colors possible. The colors have all been tested for lightfastness and are fully erasable.

Available in 92* highly pigmented colors plus 5 mediums. Colors are available individually and in sets.

*Original Color Range: 20 Pure Colors (mass tones), 20 Tints, 20 Shades, 20 Extra Darks
Plus: 6 Metallic Colors, 6 Pearlescent Colors, 5 Mediums.

Pan size (each) : 2.44" / 62mm diameter

Color Range:

The range includes pure colors, tints, shades & extra darks.
Indicated by item codes as follows:
- Pure colors (xxx.5)
- Tints (xxx.7 and xxx.8) = pure colors plus white
- Shades (xxx.3) = pure colors plus black
- Extra darks (xxx.1 and xxx.2) = pure colors plus more black

PR101:1 = Color index no. for pigments
Metallic & pearlescent colors/mediums also contain mica coated with titanium dioxide & iron oxide


Patented. See patent details.

Sunburst Symbol PanPastel Asterisks ASTM Rating ASTM Rating Definition*
I EXCELLENT At least 100 years lightfast under museum conditions
II VERY GOOD 25 - 100 years lightfast under museum conditions
III FAIR 10 - 25 years lightfast under museum conditions
More About Lightfastness
* There is no official ASTM lightfastness standard for pastels, therefore we apply the standard for Colored Pencils which is the closest standard available.