Nel Whatmore

Nel Whatmore uses PanPastel colors for her vibrant flower paintings along with pastel sticks.

"PanPastel Colors have become a very valuable addition to my tool kit as an artist. The marks that I get with PanPastel Colors I can’t get in any other way. Although I use pastels I am much more a painter with pastels than a drawer and what PanPastel definitely allows me to do is paint with pastel. There is a looseness and freedom to using them that has enabled me to really take my work forward, for which I am very grateful.

I use them for laying down almost a color wash, and then working over the top for highlights, with stick pastels. I love the larger Sofft Sponges particularly the Big Oval sponge. They are really useful for portraying the softness of flower petals with out the need for rubbing in. With a minimum amount of pastel one can say so much with PanPastel Colors.

I work both large and small. So I find them very useful for plein air work and for interpreting the forms of plants. With landscapes they really come into their own also as they are fantastic for skies and all subjects that have a softer texture such as water and clouds. I cannot recommend them enough!" - Nel Whatmore

About Nel Whatmore

Nel Whatmore lives in North Yorkshire, England. She has worked in pastels for the last 34 years and is joint founder of The New Pastel School with Rebecca de Mendonca.

Nel is a regular exhibitor at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show where her stand has won multiple awards. She was awarded a grant by the Prince of Wales Trust when she started and he now has one of her paintings.

She is fascinated by color and loves painting the natural world from florals to landscapes and seascapes. Her husband is a writer, daughter a costume designer and son now very skilled at woodwork so their house is very much an arty one!

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