Johannes Vloothuis

Johannes Vloothuis is a Master Painter and instructor for Northlight Books, the leading publisher of art instruction books and several art magazines sold in bookstores. He has become one of the leading art instructors in the world. He has taught over 15,000 students online. He is endorsed by the Pastel Journal.

Johannes uses PanPastel regularly in his pastel paintings, and says “PanPastel is a wonderful medium – it is like a marriage between oils and watercolor. I simply fell in love with it!” He regularly teaches and demonstrates with PanPastel.

Johannes’ work has won the first place nationwide in Mexico for watercolor and his work has been exhibited in several museums in other countries: For more information about his online classes and instructional materials:

View the videos below to see Johannes painting with PanPastel.

This is what Johannes’ students are saying about the online demonstrations they have attended:

“Another great class.  I have just about all of your classes and try to watch at least two a week… I really would like to try to do a paint along using PanPastel and  this class as a reference.” — James

“Thank you. I very much enjoyed your demonstration this afternoon. I have just started using pastels and PanPastel was/is totally new for me. In the early 70s I traveled abroad (Italy and the Greek Isles) and routinely was stopped with my oils…I can not wait until my just ordered pan  pastel arrived…looking forward to be one of your regular viewers…” — George


PanPastel Paintings by Johannes Vloothuis

“I am fluent in all mediums but once I came across using PanPastel, I realized that after all these centuries they finally have come up with THE MEDIUM. Imagine having the color variation you get in watercolor with the loyalty of oils in one medium combined. There is nothing like it. PanPastel deserves to be in a category if its own.”  – Johannes Vloothuis

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