Alex Louisa

Alex Louisa uses PanPastel Colors for her paintings in combination with other media

“The most important point I can make when it comes to using PanPastel is to just experiment as much as you can. Test them on every paper surface you can get your hands on – smooth or rough paper, sanded or coated paper, printmaking paper, watercolour paper – all of it. Try out some pastel grounds or work over gesso. PanPastel Colors react very differently depending on the surface you’re working on. Through trial and error, you’re bound to find a combination which delights you and which you will want to explore further.

Mix them with other media. Use them with stencils. Try soft delicate layers and strong bold marks. Test out subtractive techniques. Challenge yourself to get as many different strokes and marks out of each sponge tool as you can. They are so incredibly versatile, and I feel like I’m still discovering new ways to use them even though I’ve been creating PanPastel works for years now! I do love my oil paint too, but PanPastels are absolutely my favourite medium to work with as well.” - Extracts from Alex Louisa's article on the blog "How to Pastel"

About Alex Louisa

Brisbane-based Alex Louisa graduated with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, before the need to create firmly pulled her attention back to her art. Having worked as a graphic artist for eight years, she now focuses solely on her personal work.

Alex has been exhibiting within Australia since 2007, and internationally since 2012. Endlessly inspired by nature, she loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched woodgrain.

Often experimenting with mixed media, Alex mainly works with oils, acrylic, PanPastel and charcoal, currently with a shift towards larger works. She focuses on elements of the natural world that grab her attention - by discovering the intricacies of a leaf or flower, or by trying to capture an animal's individual personality, especially those of the avian kind.

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