Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

PanPastel is featured in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s books including “Encaustic Mixed Media” & “Encaustic Techniques: The Whole Ball of Wax” (F&W Publishing)

“I use PanPastel Colors in many different ways with my encaustic painting. The most deliberate use of them is to ‘blush’ or ‘tint’ the wax as I apply layers of medium (beeswax with damar resin) and color (pigmented medium). This blushing offers a new look to the coloring of the wax in that it is more diffuse and transparent; offering for more layering and depth development than is possible with just the pigmented wax colors.

I also love to use stencils and mask off areas, build the wax with these different resists, then tint the different depths of wax created in this method of application with PanPastel.

I am doing things very differently now that I’ve had the opportunity to fall in love with PanPastel! I adore the consistency of the pastels because they allow me fluid, soft blending on the cool encaustic layers that other pastels do not support.

PanPastel goes above and beyond the range of traditional pastels to offer a whole new realm of use either in and of themselves, or in conjunction with other mediums; as is the case for me with my encaustics.“ - Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

"Now I Know" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
"Now I Know" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
"Encaustic" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
"Encaustic" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
"Encaustic Painting" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
"Encaustic Painting" by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

About Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Patricia is an artist, author, instructor, EncaustiCamp and EncaustiKits creator. Her passion for sharing her creativity with others is at the heart of everything she does. Patricia’s books – Encaustic Workshop, Encaustic Mixed Media, Encaustic Techniques: The Whole Ball of Wax and Encaustic Revelation are available everywhere and two DVDs are available via FW Publishing and Creative Catalyst Productions.

Patricia and her husband John welcome guests & workshop participants to their Lexington, Kentucky home, OPENstudio, where they host artists participating in private workshops.

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