Enid Wood

Enid Wood uses PanPastel as an important part of her pastel paintings, in combination with soft pastel sticks.

“PanPastel Colors are a favorite medium. I begin nearly every painting with a PanPastel underpainting, moving on to my vast collection of pastel sticks when needed. I value PanPastel Colors for their portability, their flexibility, and their immediacy.

I like to be able to block in a painting quickly, and PanPastel is ideal for this. When forced to create a background because of poor quality reference photos, a PanPastel layer lets me indicate color and direction without fuss, giving me drama that doesn’t take focus away from my subject. I’m currently fascinated by florals, and PanPastel gives me control of hue, temperature, intensity, and edges.

The Sofft Tools sponges and applicators lend themselves to emotional and tactile application of paint.”

"Snapdragon" by Enid Wood
"Snapdragon" by Enid Wood
"Renewal" by Enid Wood
"Renewal" by Enid Wood

About Enid Wood

Enid Wood lives and paints in central Texas. Although she earned an art degree in college and passionately studied art history in graduate school, pastel landscape painting is Enid’s second career, after many years as a violin teacher, mainly in England.

Enid teaches regional pastel classes and workshops, and writes about painting for Pastel Journal. She has studied portrait and still life painting with Don Doxey and plein air pastel landscape painting with Albert Handell.

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