Sofft® Tools

Art Sponges

Our latex free Art Sponge Shapes are based on artist's brush shapes to allow a wide range of mark making. Different effects can be achieved by using the sponge sides and edges.

What is special about our Micropore Sponge?

Our specially formulated micropore sponge holds and releases just the right amount of color.

  • Reusable - durable enough to work with the highly pigmented colors.
  • Easy to clean - wipe on a paper towel between colors. Washable.
  • Non-Abrasive - for a smooth uniform finish.
  • Versatile - use with PanPastel and any water-based medium.
  • All Sofft Tool are latex free.

(With inks, acrylics etc. there is no brush stroke. Great for glazes.)